Josh helps new and aspiring project managers reach their career goals. He has been managing projects in Computing, Financial Services, Telecommunications, and Aerospace for over a decade. Josh’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Project Management and he is PMP certified. The best method for tapping into Josh’s knowledge and experience is his training for project management, where Josh shares his best practices for how to get ahead in your project management career and his best practices in specific project management processes.

The Tao of Mastering LinkedIn Recommendations

Do people run away screaming when you ask them for recommendations on LinkedIn? Well you’re in luck. Watch this video and all your problems will be solved. Or at least this one. Aaaand maybe you’ll learn how LinkedIn recommendations can help you land your next project management role too.


5 Self-Inflicted Wounds On Your Project Management Career

You’ve applied to everything that moves. You’ve polished your resume. You’re going for all the right job titles. You’ve pursued an advanced degree. You’re asking everybody if they are hiring and can get you ‘in’. You’re trying everything you know. But it’s not working. It’s frustrating, I know it is. I’ve been there. So why? This …

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Are You Experienced?

Jose sent me a great email with some important questions about gaining experience in project management, and education: Hi Josh! I’m a huge follower of yours and really enjoy your tips. I’m sure you get this often, but I have been struggling with what the next step is. I am continuously learning, but feel I …

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5 Questions For Project Management Career Success

Are you struggling to find your way through this maze that is your project management career?

Struggle no more. Follow this process to the letter and iterate as much as you need to. It will help you get crystal clear on your goals, how to achieve them, and hold yourself accountable for results.