How to handle a problem business partner

I’ve been having major difficulties with my business partner for a new venture we’re trying to grow. Any tips/advice for remedying the situation?

Most problems between partners occur because there isn’t a clear definition of roles, expectations and responsibilities. One person often sees themselves as the big thinker but needs someone that can follow-through on those items. The other person that is great at execution needs someone that can sit down long enough to clearly articulate the path. Neither role is sufficient for a successful business. If each one doesn’t understand what needs to be accomplished for a successful business, it will be a difficult road.


Constantly Re-inventing oneself is one way to way to stay relevant.

Recently Justine Timberlake toured the talk-show circuit to promote his new 20/20 Experience (part 1) CD. I don’t know much about Justine Timberlake, but have learned a few things since he started his promotion tour that should be incorporated in everyone’s professional plans.


Keeping an external job offer alive

It’s usually bad news when your job offer is put on hold. Sometimes the offer disappears. So what strategies can you employ to make sure you keep that offer alive even if the employer has to suspend plans for bringing you on board?


How can a career vision help me with my career

Steve Wynkoop and I were talking a lot about designing and managing our professional careers on a weekly interview on This episode was about what steps to change your position in the your current company.


If you can drive, you can understand project managing.

If you know how to drive, you already understand project management. You may still not want to be a project manager, but at least you understand better their function and value. In fact, project management and defensive driving have much in common.

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