Project communication and how to create a communication management plan

This is the 2nd of the three articles that discuss about strategies for new project managers to function effectively. The three steps are; understanding top ten reasons of a project failure and how to proactively plan to avoid them, how to have a solid communication plan and how to manage changes. The 2nd article covers the importance of communication and how to create project communicationmanagement plan.


Let’s Revisit the 2009 Challenge of Project Management

A desire to contribute to this industry is another facet of a successful project management consultant mindset. It is the key to establishing an expert status in your project management area. This is the way to getting invited to engagements. Stop being viewed as just another project manager who has to compete on price alone.


So You Want To Be A Contractor?

In this economy you need to find the fastest path to cash. That may mean taking a contract job while waiting for your next job. But many of you, this is time to rebrand yourself as a contractor and turn up the dial closer to a score of 50 on our Project Management Contractor test.


The Contractor: The Project Management 2009 Trend!

Project management is undergoing wrenching global changes. The economy is forcing management to fundamentally rethink the employment paradigm. Outsourcing in the 90’s began to impact our projects. This century, the full force of societal shift is upon us and we are now outsourced. To survive, we need to rejoin the project team as a contractor.

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