Overcoming Your First Mistake At A New Job

What advice do you have for new hires having to own up to their first big mistake on the job? Is there a professional way to apologize? What is the best way to bounce back after making a mistake?


Constantly Re-inventing oneself is one way to way to stay relevant.

Recently Justine Timberlake toured the talk-show circuit to promote his new 20/20 Experience (part 1) CD. I don’t know much about Justine Timberlake, but have learned a few things since he started his promotion tour that should be incorporated in everyone’s professional plans.


What we can learn from Judge Judy

It’s impossible not to judge. Telling someone else “not to judge” — shows you have made the judgment that they are judging. Most opinions, descriptions, decisions, views, rulings, and critiques are judgments.

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