What do to for Valentine’s Day?

I thought I would do an extra blog on the upcoming Valentine Scramble.

Some men (and women) are at a lost on how to make Valentine’s Day special for their spouse and loved ones.   Sometimes they spend lots of money on dinner, flowers, jewelry, knickknacks, apparel, etc. One idea is to build an experience together. I bet there are lots of things you have not tried together. Pick something that you know she will very much enjoy doing — but that maybe you are uncomfortable at it. The devil in us-ladies is that the more you seem uncomfortable doing something for us, the more you are endearing yourself to us — because we know you are doing this just for us.

Some inexpensive ideas:

  1. Many women enjoy the idea of dancing, and many men resist it. Take a few private dance lessons together (I know someone that teaches social dancing). Then on the special evening, have a light-intimate dinner and dancing out. (Or for that matter, have the dinner and dancing in front of your fire place).
  2. If your loved one enjoys golf (and you “not-so-much”), try a short 9-hole game at a Par-3 course or some putt-putt golf.
  3. If she loves cooking (and you “not-so-much”), invite her to be the audience to your attempts at making her favorite dish or desert (or take a cooking class together). She will have fun watching (or giggling) at your attempts to figure out what goes in and when. You will know you have succeeded when she offers to help YOU clean up.
  4. If she is an outdoors person (and you “not-so-much”), take her for a short hike to a picnic basket of her favorite lite nibbling foods.
  5. If she is a book-reader, read to her out of one of her favorite novels or books. OR have a book discussion of her favorite philosopher or author. Or go to her next book club meeting to engage in the discussion.
  6. If she has a favorite game (bridge or tennis or ???) ask her to teach you and you can be her practice partner.


It will really mean a lot to that person you are trying to impress, if she can see you are going out of your comfort zone to do something that she enjoys — simply because she would enjoy it. It doesn’t need to be expensive. It’s the gesture that makes the gift. And, who knows, you might discover a new activity that you really do like to do.

See what what you think about these inexpensive experiments.


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